Toradex announces inaugural winners of Embedded Design Challenge

Toradex announced the inaugural winners of its Global Embedded Design

Winners of the Toradex Embedded Design Challenge with their prizes
Winners of the Toradex Embedded Design Challenge with their prizes

Toradex announced the inaugural winners of the Embedded Design Challenge, a global competition for students, developers and technology enthusiasts to create innovative projects and ultimately bring those ideas to market. The Winners were felicitated at the Toradex Challenge Awards ceremony at Embedded World, Nürnberg, 2014.

Seastick, an Underwater Autonomous Vehicle submitted by Flavio Ansoni and Roberto Linfante bagged the first prize and SteFly, a cost effective gliding computer built by Stefan Langer was awarded the second prize winner, of the bi-annual Design Challenge. The winners were presented their certificates, and the cash award of $20,000 and $10,000 respectively by Dr. Ronald Vuillemin, Toradex Chairman. Also present were representatives from Embedded Design Challenge sponsors & partners - Altium™, Ciiva, and NVIDIA®.

On the occasion, Toradex Chairman, Dr. Vuillemin said, “This is a moment of great joy for Toradex as we announce the inaugural winners of the Embedded Design Challenge. This competition has been a source of pride for us as we saw some of the best ideas on paper sent in by people from all over the world. We are incredibly proud of the finalists who competed in the challenge and stand in awe of the projects they brought forth through the program. I would like to congratulate Flavio, Roberto, and Stefan for being part of this challenge. We recognize the efforts and appreciate their dedication towards making their project a success.

Leigh Gawne, Ciiva CEO, added, “It gives us immense pleasure to have been associated with such a smart piece of engineering. We would like to congratulate the winners and wish them continued success in their respective fields. Competitions like this will go a long way in encouraging technical study in various parts of the world.”

About the projects

Seastick – Multi-role AUV

Seastick is an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV), capable of being controlled manually, or via a set of pre-defined instructions. The project is the brainchild of Messrs. Flavio Lar and Roberto Linfante, of Italy. According to them, Seastick meets the most demanding application of underwater vehicles, adding innovative and strategic functionalities. They see their project having multiple applications in a variety of fields, ranging from Search and Rescue, Scientific Ocean surveys, Autonomous Patrolling, and Countermine Research, to mention a few.

SteFly - Gliding Computer

SteFly is a cost effective Glide Computer designed by Stefan Langer of Germany. A gliding enthusiast, Stefan’s design is a navigation computer for gliders, with a 7” sunlight readable display, a remote stick, a serial data link, and a bio-feedback system. Basically, a glide computer is a computer with a GPS Satellite Receiver and specialized gliding software along with maps and/or tasks. SteFly will work wonders in providing information and making better-informed decisions, fly cross-country tasks, and record flights for analysis.

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