UK Device Developers' Conference to Discuss 'Defined Time' Software

TTE Systems presentation argues that 'real time' is out of date and 'defined time' is a better way of thinking about reliable embedded systems

Michael Pont, CEO of TTE Systems Ltd
Michael Pont, CEO of TTE Systems Ltd
UK Embedded Systems Conference

Specialists in the development of high-integrity processors, TTE Systems Ltd have announced that they will be exhibiting and presenting at The UK Device Developers' Conference in May 2013. CEO, Michael J. Pont will give a talk that will argue that it is more helpful for developers of reliable embedded designs to think in terms of 'defined time' rather than a more traditional ‘real-time’ model. The talk will consider system health-monitoring and security issues as well as more general “design for test” concerns.

The Device Developers' Conference is an event for engineers and software developers working in the field of intelligent systems and devices. The aim of the event is to provide a productive forum whereby engineers can meet with key industry experts and design tool and hardware vendors, as well as undertaking half-day workshops that offer new skills and knowledge and attending key technology presentations.

"We are very pleased to be supporting the DDC," said Michael Pont.

"The UK is a leader in embedded systems engineering: if we are to maintain this position it is essential that we run events like this, where we can share insights and discuss new ideas. I'll be explaining how I think developers should approach the development of reliable embedded systems in a wide range of sectors. I’m pretty sure that some of the observations made during this presentation will challenge established thinking in this important area, and I’m expecting to provoke some lively debate."

TTE Systems enable the creation of reliable embedded systems based on time-triggered technology. TTE develop and sell high-integrity processors, both ‘off the shelf’ & custom software development tools and advanced safety protection mechanisms (‘shutdown systems’). They also offer a range of training, consultancy and custom design services. Application sectors for TTE products and services include aerospace, medical, industrial, automotive, marine, defence, and satellite systems as well as high-end consumer goods.

"This event is shaping up to be a key UK engineering event for 2013," said

Richard Blackburn, the event organiser. "Presentations such as this are what it is all about. Writing reliable code is a big issue for everyone in this industry, whether it is for safety reasons or simply to protect the brand, so I am sure there will many engineers keen to attend and engage in such a discussion."

Other companies attending this event and presenting include single board computer manufacturer Blue Chip Technologies, embedded systems development consultants Pebble Bay and German debug tool company Lauterbach. Topics will range from the 'Management of code for Commercial Projects' to 'An Engineer's Guide to Off The Shelf Hardware'.

Attendance at the Device Developers' Conference is free to engineers and project managers working in the technology sector, although the half-day workshops will be subject to a small charge.

About The Device Developers’ Conference

The Device Developers’ Conference is planned to be an annual UK event for the developers of intelligent systems and devices. The 2013 event will take place in May, in Cambridge, Bristol and Manchester.

The objective is to provide an event that provides engineers with an opportunity to learn about the latest tools, technologies and techniques for the successful development of leading edge electronic products and systems.

Sponsored by a broad range of industry vendors, the exhibition and conference is free to engineers and project managers working in the technology sector.

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