GORE(r) VNA Microwave/RF Test Assemblies set the industry standard for VNAs through 70 GHz.

LANDENBERG, PA, JUNE 20, 2017 – W. L. Gore & Associates (Gore) has expanded the functional frequency range of its “FF series” GORE® VNA Microwave/RF Test Assemblies, now offering stable, reliable performance up to 70 GHz. This upgrade addresses industry requirements for enhanced performance in the 60-70 GHz range where there is increased need to maintain measurement accuracy, especially in Vector Network Analyzers (VNAs), Communication Testing, and mm-Wave to name a few key applications.

Constant and/or highly repetitive movement of cables can compromise the measurement precision of high-performance VNAs. Leading manufacturers such as Keysight and Rohde & Schwarz choose GORE® VNA Microwave/RF Test Assemblies because of the improved performance and reliability they see with their equipment.

“GORE® VNA Microwave/RF Test Assemblies are engineered to provide the most precise VNA measurements under laboratory conditions, delivering the highest accuracy and the greatest time interval between recalibrations,” said Chris Cox, Gore Product Specialist, Electrical Cable & Components. “These assemblies have a rugged, lightweight construction that enables longer service life, reduced downtime, and lower operating costs over the life of the equipment.”

Guaranteed Stability for Precise and Repeatable Measurements

GORE® VNA Microwave/RF Test Assemblies maintain excellent insertion loss and VSWR. Unlike conventionally designed RF test assemblies, Gore’s assemblies ensure accurate and repeatable measurements because of their excellent phase and amplitude stability with flexure. And prior to shipment, all GORE® VNA Microwave/RF Test Assemblies are tested for return loss, insertion loss, phase stability, and loss stability up to their maximum operating frequency.

Durable and Rugged Construction

Constructed with an abrasion-resistant polymer braid around a flexible armor casing, GORE® VNA Microwave/RF Test Assemblies are extremely durable. They withstand crush forces of more than 800 pounds force/inch and have an auto-limiting bend radius of 2.25 in (57.2 mm). Even with this armored and rugged construction, GORE® VNA Microwave/RF Test Assemblies maintain excellent flexibility, which increases the cable’s life.

GORE® VNA Microwave/RF Test Assemblies include NMD-style ruggedized connectors for direct attachment to VNA test ports and allow the use of test port-compatible adapters for best durability and stability. The combination of the assembly’s ruggedized construction and NMD-style connector ensures longer flex life with consistent performance and reduced frequency of recalibration.

The new 70 GHz GORE® VNA Microwave/RF Test Assemblies are in production now and can be specified online with the GORE® Microwave / RF Assembly Builder. For more information, visit gore.com/electronics, or contact a Gore applications specialist at electronics.usa@wlgore.com.

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