Wavecom accelerates wireless development with XJTAG

Wavecom has adopted the XJTAG boundary scan system as the platform for developing and testing its WMP100 Wireless Microprocessor-based turnkey systems.

Wavecom accelerates wireless development with XJTAG
Wavecom accelerates wireless development with XJTAG

CAMBRIDGE, England, March 31, 2009 – Wavecom, a leading provider of embedded wireless technology for M2M (Machine to Machine) communication, has adopted the XJTAG IEEE Std. 1149.x boundary scan system as the platform for developing and testing its WMP100 Wireless Microprocessor-based turnkey systems.

Wavecom’s system solutions are used across a range of M2M (Machine to Machine) applications including automotive telematics, smart metering, fleet management, GSM/GPS/satellite tracking, wireless alarms, wireless point of sale, and remote monitoring.

The Wavecom WMP100 processor unites application hosting and cellular Internet connectivity in a power optimised single core sub-system. The 576-pin ball grid array (BGA) device is used by Wavecom’s customers and in-house product developers to create turnkey products targeting specific applications.

Laurence Damm, field application engineer with Wavecom, said: “We needed a boundary scan system to access and verify the pins on the various BGA devices on our development boards but we discovered that XJTAG goes so much further. As a result, we have now built our development and test strategy for WMP100-based products around the XJTAG system.

“We selected XJTAG because implementation is lightning fast, we can easily customise tests for products from entry-level to high-end, and we can achieve high overall test coverage to guarantee the low ppm rates demanded by automotive applications. XJTAG also provides the freedom to develop a complete set of tests for any application within only a few days, using the graphical XJDeveloper environment.”

Wavecom has pioneered the single-core architecture, which allows wireless and application-level functions to be combined within a unified hardware platform. Compared to conventional GSM modems for M2M, which host the wireless processing separately from the application, the WMP100 and its supporting open software environment enables smaller, lower-cost, lower-power systems.

In a typical Wavecom M2M module, the WMP100 processor, its configuration memory, and the Ethernet PHY are all connected to the boundary scan chain. XJTAG provides access to every pin, allowing design flaws or soldering faults to be accurately located. Functional communication tests can also be performed. Other devices connected to the WMP100, such as SRAM, Flash chips, A/D and D/A converters, a GPS or Zigbee chipset, CAN or Bluetooth modules, are also testable via XJTAG.

“XJTAG has delivered important productivity advantages to our engineering team,” added Laurence Damm. “We now use the versatile XJTAG system right across the product lifecycle from design, debug and test through to production - it even gives us the capability to quickly identify both failure and root cause while in the field.”

The XJTAG development system is a cost-effective solution for debugging, testing and programming electronic printed circuit boards and systems throughout the product lifecycle. It is used worldwide by design engineers, developers, OEMs and contract manufacturers for producing highly integrated BGA-populated printed circuit boards and systems.

XJTAG reduces the time and cost of board development by allowing early development of reconfigurable test scripts that can be used from design validation through prototype debugging and on into manufacturing.

XJTAG has a global network of distributors servicing Europe, the Far East, North and South America, the Middle East and Australasia.

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