Weekly OS PAL (OS Porting & Abstraction Lab) Webinar Schedule Now Includes the New Topic "Challenges in Application Porting and Abstraction"

Join MapuSoft Technologies' CEO & Founder Raj Johnson as he hosts a technical demonstration of OS PAL and learn about challenges in re-using and developing portable embedded code.

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Visit this link for the schedule: mapusoft.com/webinar/257/

With OS PAL you can easily port, abstract and optimize your code on a host machine and run the application on different target platforms.

OS PAL leverages MapuSoft's existing porting and abstraction technologies while adding advanced code optimization capacities on multiple OS environments. OS PAL provides users an easy-to-use graphical user interface that is integrated with the Eclipse based CDT environment. OS PAL simulates various OS interfaces on host development environments so users can develop embedded code with preferred OS APIs and without the target hardware.