Zynq(r) Ultrascale +(tm) at the heart of the research for new SW & HW architectures for smart Cyber Physical Systems

SECO introduces the first prototype of AXIOM project's programmable hybrid ARM/FPGA solution based on Zynq Ultrascale.

SM-B71 SMARC Rel. 2.0 compliant module
SM-B71 SMARC Rel. 2.0 compliant module

AXIOM (Agile, eXtensible, fast I/O Module for the cyber-physical era) is a project funded by the European Commission’s H2020 framework program, which has allowed SECO, as one of the partners of the AXIOM consortium, to invest in hybrid ARM/FPGA SoCs applications. This project objective brings new solutions to the embedded market through relationships with both industrial and academic partners.

The AXIOM project aims at researching new software/hardware architectures for Smart CPSs to meet high computational power, energy efficiency, scalability and modularity and easy programmability.

Zynq Ultrascale+ perfectly meets the AXIOM project needs

AXIOM enables easy programmability of multi-core multi-board systems through the open-source OmpSs programming model, leveraging a form of Distributed Shared Memory (DSM) across interconnected modules. The OmpSs allow accelerated functions through the FPGA fabric,

integrated in Zynq Ultrascale+ devices.

As one of the main goals of AXIOM, an ARM-based modular board with a high speed interconnect enables modular scalability, low latency, and high throughput for applications such as Smart Video-Surveillance and Smart Living/Home.

High speed board-to-board interconnection

The high speed board-to-board interconnect, aka AXIOM link, consists of a custom Network Interface Controller synthesized in the FPGA fabric and dedicated drivers, which use a multi-gigabit GTH transceiver built in Zynq® Ultrascale +™ to enable RDMA transfers to quickly move data between system nodes. Four USB Type C connectors are used to build small clusters of the AXIOM board using inexpensive but high speed cables.

From Applied Research to the Industrial Market

Building from the AXIOM experience, SECO has developed a solution for the industrial market with the SM-B71: a SMARC Rel. 2.0 compliant module, 50 x 82 mm (1.97” x 3.23”) in size, based on the Xilinx® Zynq® Ultrascale +™ MPSoC.

This solution was built to integrate all the SFVC784 part numbers within the Ultrascale+ family: this offers an unprecedented flexibility, ranging from cost effective ZU2CG device, a Dual Core Cortex-A53 providing 103k System Logic Cells, up to the high performance ZU5EV device, integrating a quad Core Cortex-A53, Mali 400 GPU, H.265 capable Video Codec Unit and 256k System Logic Cells.

SM-B71 has a Dedicated Real-Time ARM® Cortex®-R5 processor and up to 256k FPGA logic cells; it also has high-speed interfaces starting from the LVDS and DP video interfaces up to 4K resolution offering unlimited possibilities for applications in fields such as Image Processing, Internet of Things, Industrial Automation and Control, Analytics and much more.

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