DriveWay ME-MPC8240

Aisys, Inc.

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A device driver development software that enables embedded system developers using external peripherals to generate device drivers and perform system verification


  • Windows 2000 support
  • Users select processors and their associated on-chip components and peripheral chips from DriveWay's Knowledge Base and lay them down into the Design Board in a similar fashion to designing a printed circuit board
  • For each processor and each external peripheral chip, DriveWay ME integrates an online interactive datasheet and built-in help system
  • Provides users the ability to perform on-chip and off-chip peripheral configuration and integration
  • For each selected component or peripheral chip, the user can configure design parameters such as register value setting, memory map address, driver API function name, driver file name, interface mode, operation mode, protocol type, and interrupt control
  • DriveWay ME checks the design parameters for conflicts or incorrect value settings, then informs the user that the parameter must be changed
  • Automatically generates boot code, device drivers, and software glue for the RTOS, compilers, and IDE tools, and provides testing functions to test the target hardware design
  • Available for the Motorola 266 MHz MPC8240
  • Supports PCI host or agent controller, two-channel DMA controller, message unit with intelligent I/O controller, one I2C interface, and an embedded programmable interrupt controller which includes four programmable timers
  • Provides memory bank configuration for different memory devices such as SDRAM, FPM DRAM, EDO DRAM, Flash, and ROM through the on-chip memory controller
  • Supported external, off-chip peripherals include the serial controller and PCI Ethernet device

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