Sundance Multiprocessor Technology Ltd.

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  • XC2v1000 FPGA
  • ?1 Mbyte of ZBT RAM
  • ?Global Bus Technology
  • ?Eight channels of DAC outputs
  • ?Using 16-bit Burr Brown DAC7634 with a settling time of 10?s to 0.003%
  • ?Single-width module
  • ?Programmable sample/selectable clock
  • ?Five 'C4x type comm-ports
  • ?200 Mbytes/sec SDB interface
  • ?Pattern store & FPGA for user defined output waveforms
  • ?TIM standard compatible
  • ?Simple implementation of multichannel solutions
  • Scalable system configuration
  • ?Direct connection from C6000 DSPs to DACs
  • ?On-board FPGA for soft DSP algorithms
  • ?Shorter development cycles
  • ?Flexible system architectures and specifications

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