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  • A mobile data acquisition system for in-vehicle testing
  • Can accomodate any mobile in-vehicle test
  • Modular, expandable COTS hardware
  • Meets specific vehicle proving-ground test needs
  • National Instruments PXI chassis linked to four SCXI mainframes
  • SCXI mainframes can be populated with various signal conditioning modules tailored for the signals to be aqcuired
  • LabVIEW application ties the channels together
  • Chassis is housed in a 1/8-inch thick aluminum housing that accomodates commonly used transducer signal feed-throughs
  • The enclosure is designed to fit into the passenger seat of the vehicle under test
  • Power is supplied by vehicle power, typically 12VDC
  • Options include test screen, voice synthesis, voice recognition, motion control, GPS, telemetry, control of safety equipment such as fire extinguishers, and communications with the vehicle's onboard computer

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