Simulink 3

The MathWorks, Inc.

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A next generation control design automation solution for modeling, analyzing, simulating, and prototyping embedded, real-time control systems


  • Based on new releases of Simulink 3, Stateflow 2, and Real-Time Workshop 3
  • Optimized for large-scale control applications
  • Integrated design environment for control design engineers
  • Engineers can develop and simulate detailed system models, convert them to code for rapid prototyping, and then generate code for use in embedded processor applications
  • Built on the foundation of MATLAB and Simulink for modeling and simulating real-world nonlinear systems
  • Includes Stateflow, a graphical tool for designing event-driven control systems and Real-Time Workshop, which generates C and Ada code for Simulink models
  • Major enhancements include faster and more accurate simulations
  • Supports over 60 I/O boards
  • Enhanced quality C and Ada code generation
  • Supports targets that include dSpace real-time systems, Tornado from Wind River Systems, Pi AutoSim simulators for automotive testing, WinCon Windows-based real-time controllers, and Windows 95/NT
  • Using Fixed Point Blockset 2, users can generate pure integer C code for fixed point processors

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