Mercury Systems

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  • A RACE++ series Fibre Channel type B daughtercard
  • Provides a 1.0625 Gbit/sec or 2.125 Gbit/sec Fibre Channel interface to RACE++ systems
  • Interconnect high-throughput, real-time data acquisition systems, RAIDs, JBODs, and general-purpose computers
  • Arbitrated-loop, point-to-point, and switched-fabric Fibre Channel connections
  • Supports SCSI-3 to RAID or JBOD
  • Compatible with existing Myriad Logic products
  • Onboard PowerPC 405 controller
  • 64 Mbytes of onboard SDRAM
  • Supported by the MYRIAD DX API
  • RACE++, PCI, and memory interfaces are implemented as soft cores in the Xilinx FPGA

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