RACE++ PowerPC Conduction-Cooled Systems

Mercury Systems

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The RACE++ Series conduction-cooled family of VME products from Mercury boasts the most powerful commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) multiprocessing systems available for deployment in extreme environments


  • Initial systems scale to 72 PowerPC 7447A compute nodes
  • Conduction-cooled products from Mercury are functionally identical to existing rugged-and commercial-grade RACE++ VME products and, as an integral part of the RACE++ family, they are fully supported by the RACE++ software environment for both development and deployment
  • Signal and image processing applications now move smoothly from lab environments to deployment in extreme conditions, all within the RACE++ family
  • By providing a common software environment across all rugged levels, Mercury helps keep programming costs under control
  • Shared components include the SAL, and VSIPL-Lite algorithm libraries, the PAS communication library, the MCexec operating kernel, and tools for configuration management and system debugging
  • Popular APIs and tools are identical to those running on air-cooled versions
  • Conduction-cooled products also share the RACE++ integrated development environment, which can include the Green Hills MULTI IDE, Mercury TATL, and Supervisor
  • Several compiler options are available, including the GNU and Green Hills C and C++ compilers
  • Popular third-party tools such as MPI/Pro and the ORBexpress CORBA ORB are also compatible.

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