quicComm Library

Spectrum Signal Processing

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A software library that enables board and system features not available through standard operating system calls


  • Supports high-performance interprocessor communications
  • Simplified board and system setup and control
  • Provides a standard application interface to many of Spectrum's flexComm family of products
  • Supports dynamic reload of executables on a per-processor or FPGA basis
  • Supports synchronous and asynchronous communication
  • Supports logical channels for interprocess communications
  • Provides a means to integrate application software with the FPGA firmware
  • Compatible with Texas Instruments' DSP/BIOS (C6x systems) and Wind River's VxWorks (PPC systems)
  • Provides an I/O porting kit enabling support of third-party modules
  • Support for post-mortem debug for target diagnostics

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