Pentland Systems

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Digital receiver featuring dual channel, 14-bit resolution with up to 105MSPS sampling speed


  • Up to 16 individual down-converter channels for I&Q demodulation
  • Xilinx Virtex II FPGA for digital signal processing and A/D control
  • Bi-directional high-speed FIFO buffers
  • Comprehensive built-in-test with extensive support for PBIT, IBIT & CBIT modes
  • Commercial and rugged conduction-cooled environmental versions
  • The RAD-2 digital receiver PMC is a leading solution for acquisition of high-speed analog signals in Radar, Software Radio and signal Intelligence applications
  • Dual 105MSPS analog acquisition channels are augmented by substantial FPGA resources and up to 16 individual down-conversion channels provided by 4GC4016 down-converters
  • High-bandwidth transfer over 64-bit 66MHz PCI is enabled using powerful on-board DMA engines
  • Extensive support for system-level functionality such as BIT is also provided
  • OS drivers are available for VxWorks, Linux and Windows XP

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