FibreXtreme SL100 Conduction-Cooled PMC


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The physical media interface of the SL100 Conduction Cooled PMC board can be realized through a specially designed rear I/O interface for Conduction Cooled VME chassis or through front panel I/O


  • FibreXtreme SL100 and SL240 PMC and CMC (Common Mezzanine Card) data links are also available in Rugged COTS 1 and Rugged COTS 2 configurations
  • Systran's Rugged COTS 2 products are targeted for use in applications where the environment is hostile enough that special protection is required for the board to operate reliably
  • Rugged application examples include acoustical measurement systems, targeting systems, and airborne radar systems
  • Rugged COTS 1 boards are also available for operational environments, but with less stringent requirements
  • These are joined by Standard COTS products, which provide an ideal platform for lab-based development and testing or less demanding operating conditions
  • FibreXtreme SL100/SL240 data links are second-generation Serial FPDP products, providing sustained data throughput at up to 247 MB/sec, built-in bi-directional capability and support for various point to-point, broadcast and master ring topologies

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