Altium Limited

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A comprehensive, vendor-independent electronic design solution for building complete processor-based digital systems based on FPGAs, using existing board-level design methodologies


  • ?Integrated hardware and software development tools, including soft IP cores and a LiveDesign-enabled development board
  • FPGA vendor-independent design
  • ?No HDLs required
  • ?Schematic editor is fully hierarchical and supports advanced features such as multi-channel instantiation and bus connectivity for both components and logic blocks
  • Comprehensive libraries of ready-to-use, pre-synthesized components for schematic-based FPGA design
  • ?Includes royalty-free FPGA-based microprocessor cores that are instruction set-compatible with 8051, Z80, and PIC165 architectures
  • ?Industry-standard embedded compilers and debuggers for included processor cores
  • ?Integrated hardware and software development and interactive debug enables parallel hardware and software development and true co-design
  • ?Full range of virtual instrument components including logic analyzers, frequency generators, counters, and I/O modules
  • ?Based on LiveDesign-enabled DXP platform; seamless integration with other DXP-based Altium design systems

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