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  • A complete board-level and FPGA-level design solution in a single application
  • ?Fully supports the design of FPGAs and their integration onto the PCB
  • ?Based on LiveDesign-enabled DXP platform to provide seamless integration with other Altium design systems
  • ?Hierarchical, multi-channel schematic editing environment
  • ?VHDL coding, functional simulation and RTL-level synthesis for multiple FPGA target architectures
  • ?SPICE 3f5/XSpice simulation
  • ?Comprehensive design error checking
  • ?Pre and post-layout signal integrity analysis
  • ?Rules-driven PCB layout and editing
  • ?Real-time rules enforcement during interactive routing
  • ?Improved Situs Topological Autorouting
  • ?Automatic FPGA pin optimization
  • ?Bidirectional PCB to FPGA project synchronization
  • Bidirectional schematic to PCB synchronization
  • ?Extensive file import and export support, including DWG, DXF, and OrCAD Layout MAX
  • Design libraries with more than 68,000 components including comprehensive libraries of ready-to-use, pre-synthesized components for schematic-based FPGA design
  • ?Complete CAM editing and verification
  • ?Includes FPGA-based virtual instruments to allow rapid and interactive implementation and debugging of FPGA-based deisgns

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