NanoBoard NB1

Altium Limited

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  • An FPGA-based, nano-level breadboard
  • ?LiveDesign-enabled development board
  • Fully compatible with Altium's LiveDesign-enabled tools
  • Allows rapid and interactive implementation and debugging of FPGA designs
  • ?Plug-in daughterboard system supports a wide range of target FPGAs
  • Target programmable devices are housed on plug-in daughterboards
  • ?Includes power pack with multiple plugs for various electrical outlet configurations
  • ?Includes ribbon cable for PC connection, and other cables and connectors
  • ?Extensive NanoBoard technical hardware reference manual
  • ?Peripherals include: LCD, LED array, switch array, keypad, buzzer, ADC/DAC, 2 MB RAM, XXXM serial Flash RAM, onboard serial Flash RAM for FPGA configuration, and programmable clock
  • ?Ports include: PS/2 mouse and keyboard, RS-232, CAN, VGA, I2C, and general-purpose I/O headers
  • ?Upgradeable NanoBoard controller firmware
  • Integrated heavy-duty NanoBoard stand

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