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Combines the Virtex-II Pro FPGA from Xilinx with the flexibility of both onboard SRAM and DDR SDRAM


  • High bandwidth off-module communication is provided through the multi-Gbps bandwidth of the DIME-II motherboard connections in addition to eight Rocket I/O connections
  • Suitable for high-performance FPGA computing applications
  • The Virtex-II Pro FPGA on the BenDATA-II is offered from 2VP70 to 2VP125
  • As well as providing a sizable programmable logic resource, a key feature of these devices is the high availability embedded multipliers and Block RAM (BRAM), offering on average 4X of each, compared to equivalent Virtex-II FPGAs
  • 16 MB ZBT SRAM is provided for high-speed random access, while 0.5 GB DDR SDRAM offers increased depth for high-speed burst access

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