Mercury Systems

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The system – dubbed Federated Embedded inteL-server for Collaborative Operations (FELCO) – is a Processing, Exploitation, and Dissemination (PED) tool enabling warfighters to get geospatial data in real-time as opposed to hours with traditional downlink systems


  • The U.S. Army Project Manager-Unmanned Aircraft Systems (PM-UAS) is currently using FELCO in planned system flight tests and assessments
  • The FELCO system essentially compresses the PED information into real-time capture and synchronization of multiple data sources
  • FELCO was developed with hardware from Mercury and geospatial software from ITT
  • The hardware and software are scalable to enable compatibility with new sensors as they are added
  • Mercury technology used in the system includes the company’s Application-Ready Subsystems (ARS), which uses the Powerblock processing architecture
  • ITT’s open-standards PED software, called “Enhanced AGILE Access,?? and AdLib, enable users to search/discover, serve, and store information, reducing the latency issues common for downlink systems while maintaining the integrity of the geospatial information
  • As small as a typical portable hard drive and also low power, FELCO can be used not only in UAV applications, but also in catapult- and runway- launched vehicles, aerostats, and civil and military fixed-mount installations

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