PCI-based FPGA processor

GE Intelligent Platforms, Inc.

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PCI-based FPGA processor


  • Tsunami A40 delivers many times the processing of CPU or DSP boards
  • Altera EP1S40 FPGA on the PCI and expansion module(s)
  • 4 MB SRAM and 1 GB SDRAM on the A40 PCI base board
  • 8 MB SRAM and 384 MB SDRAM on A40 FPGA expansion modules
  • 2MB SRAM and 192 MB SDRAM on A25 expansion modules
  • Add two additional expansion modules to maximize performance
  • 64-bit/-66-Mhz PCI bus provides maximum bandwidth to host resources
  • 3 GBps high bandwidth data I/O rates
  • 1.6 GBps high bandwidth local bus between FPGAs
  • Wave FPGA Tool Kit provides API, drivers, source code, and more
  • CameraLink and LVDS I/O boards standard
  • Windows XP/2000 and Linux software support

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