Quad Fibre Channel 2 I/O

Annapolis Micro Systems, Inc.

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Quad Fibre Channel 2 I/O


  • Four full-duplex channels with up to 400 MBps peak data rate per channel
  • Up to 1.6 GBps total Fibre Channel 2 I/O per I/O card
  • Up to 4 GBps per I/O card total bandwidth down to motherboard
  • No bus latency between FC2 I/O data source and processing power
  • Full PCI bandwidth from motherboard to PCI host at up to 500 MBps
  • Virtex II Xilinx FPGA processing element ? XC2V4000-5
  • Pluggable replaceable transceivers for maximum technology refresh [something missing here?]
  • Programmable Flash to store FPGA images and program FPGA on power-up
  • Full CoreFire board support package to integrate I/O card into application
  • VHDL model, including some source code
  • Achieve world-class performance ? WILD solutions outperform the competition
  • Includes one-year hardware warranty, software updates, and customer support;training available

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