CerfPod 270M Developer's Kit

Intrinsyc Software

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Intrinsyc Software's CerfPod 270M was designed in collaboration with Intel, and is a full-featured, flexible platform that is an ideal starting point for a next generation, mobile, wireless device or embedded solution


  • Based on the newest Intel XScale processor, the PXA270, and the Intel 2700G Multimedia Accelerator
  • Multimedia capabilities (full VGA support with video and 3D graphics acceleration), connection options, and board support package make it a comprehensive reference platform for creating a next generation high-end mobile, wireless, or embedded solution
  • High-contrast, 10.4? (diagonal), 256K color, 640x480 resolution, TFT LCD with CCFL backlighting and a resistive touch screen; landscape and portrait modes
  • 128 MB Mobile SDRAM (100 MHz), 64 MB Intel StrataFlash Wireless memory
  • Expansion Connector ? 16-bit Data Bus, partial Address Bus, Bus Control Signals, I2C and GPIO
  • CompactFlash slot and MultiMedia card slot
  • Data connectivity including; USB 1.1 host port with a standard Type A connector and client USB 1.1 client port with a standard Type B connector, 10Base-T Ethernet, two full 9-wire RS-232 serial ports and one 3-wire RS-232 debug serial port
  • Connect to a VGA monitor or projector via a standard VGA DB15 connector
  • Board Support Package ? a binary release of Intrinsyc drivers and components for various applications for MicrosoftWindows CE 5.0
  • Application Development ? a Software Development Kit (SDK) that supports application development in Microsoft Embedded Visual C++ or Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Bootloader ? a pre configured bootloader used to manage Flash memory and device configuration

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