Quixilica Venus VXS-1 Plus


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  • 5x 14 bit 125 Msps TI ADS5500 Digitisers
  • Xilinx XC2VP70 FPGA
  • VME/VXS form factor, VITA 41.0 Compliant, 8x 3.125 Gbps serial I/O links
  • 2x Front Panel SFP slots for 2.5Gbps fibre or copper transceivers
  • 2x DDR SDRAM SODIMM Slots, up to 1 GB each
  • 4x QDR SRAMs, 4Mwords x 18 bits, 2 word burst
  • Quixstart flexible FPGA configuration system
  • Developer's Kit available containing FPGA interface cores, software and reference design

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