Power Architecture Smart Grid Portfolio

Freescale Semiconductor

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Freescale’s portfolio built on Power Architecture® technology provides the security, throughput and connectivity options to enable the backbone and infrastructure of a connected grid. Two reference platforms are available today to help shorten your time to market.
Power Architecture Smart Grid Portfolio
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  • MPC8309 Networked Smart Gateway: Seamless wireless connectivity (TCP/IP, 802.11n, ZigBee)
  • MPC8309 Networked Smart Gateway: Smart metering via ZigBee sensors (via SE 1.0 or MBus)
  • MPC8309 Networked Smart Gateway: Remote management and control of smart appliances (via ZigBee HA1.0);
  • MPC8309 Networked Smart Gateway: M2M ?anytime/anywhere? access and management, via smart handheld or Web-enabled devices
  • MPC8309 Networked Smart Gateway: Simple Web-GUI: Easy to use with any Web-enabled device
  • MPC8309 Networked Smart Gateway: Integration of four essential software stacks TCP/IP: Broadband WAN/LAN connectivity ZigBee Home Automation 1.0
  • P1 Data Concentrator: High performance QorIQ P1025 processor with up to 1300 DMIPS throughput to implement complex usage cases
  • P1 Data Concentrator: Discovers and interfaces to smart metering devices; implements device machine message specification (DLMS) protocol to standardize communications
  • P1 Data Concentrator: Collects, analyzes and transfers energy data securely to the utility server
  • P1 Data Concentrator: Trust architecture detects broken links and tampering events

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