TTP-IP Module

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TTP-IP Module serves as a high-performance node for the Time-Triggered Protocol (TTP®) and is compatible with the IndustryPack® standard.
TTP-IP Module


  • The main application area for TTP-IP Module is control of aircraft and railway systems, off-road and on-road vehicles and industrial control equipment.
  • TTP-IP Module provides advanced features for rapid prototyping, as well as hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation of distributed hard real-time systems.
  • TTP-IP Module is equipped with the qualified TTP communication controller AS8202NF from austriamicrosystems. The AS8202NF TTP controller supports on both channels communication speeds of 5 Mbit/s with MFM or Manchester coding, as well as a communication speed of 25 Mbit/s using an MII interface.
  • TTP-IP Module comprises a powerful TTP node and can be mounted on mezzanine carriers in compliance with the IndustryPack specification. This new board offers a fast and cost-efficient way to build up TTP systems for simulation or rapid prototyping by simply plugging TTP-IP Module into a standard PC.
  • TTP-IP Module is a high-performance, state-of-the-art solution for distributed real-time systems and supports various interfaces such as RS232, RS485, analog inputs and digital inputs and outputs that are mapped to the carrier board through the I/O interface. TTP-IP Module is used with IP carrier cards for Standard PCI or Compact PCI systems. The exchangeable physical layer provides the flexibility to adapt TTP-IP Module to customer-specific requirements.
  • Freescale MPC555 PowerPC? is used as host CPU of TTP-IP Module. The MPC555, with its on-chip floating point unit, allows TTP-IP Module to be used as a powerful simulator that can run automatically generated code from tools like Real-Time Workshop? Embedded Coder fromThe MathWorks. A 128-Kbyte dual ported RAM connects the host CPU with the IP logic interface. Both the CPU and the IP logic interface can read from and write to this memory. Simultaneous8-bit and 16-bit accesses are possible
  • To speed application development, TTP-IP Module works with TTP-Tools, TTTech's integrated software development environment for TTP-based systems. TTP-IP Module supports TTP-OS, the fault-tolerant real-time operating system that is based on OSEKtime, and is specifically designed for applications that use time-triggered technology.

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