Quixilica Programmable Digital Radar Receiver


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Software programmable multi-channel digital radar receiver for Xilinx Virtex-II and Virtex-II PRO FPGA families


  • Programmble Quixilica FIR Filter Modules provide flexible filter chain
  • Optional Digital Down Conversion from fs/4 to baseband
  • Software programmable for filter configuration
  • Decimation ratio (1 to 64)
  • Number of channels (1 to 511) Real or complex data
  • Multiple coefficient banks supported
  • Programmable inter-and intra-pulse mode changes
  • Fully pipelined architecture with up to 100% efficient scheduling
  • Extremely area efficient design using only 5 Block SelectRAMs and 4 MULT18x18s per 4-MAC filter module
  • Implemented as a Relationally-Placed Macro (RPM) providing dense layout and routing for fast, predictable clock rate
  • User-defined word lengths

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