Micronix PV-1800

Micro Technic A-S

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GSM/GPRS modem including 20 W power supply module with analog and digital I/O channels
Micronix PV-1800


  • GSM/GPRS modem: dual-band EGSM900/GSM1800; data, voice, SMS, and fax; control via AT commands
  • Power supply: 8 to 27 VDC input range; Output: 5V at 4A
  • Integrated I/O: 8 isolated analog inputs (0-10V), 12-bit; 8 digital inputs, opto-isolated; 7 digital outputs, opto-isolated
  • RS232 port: 1xRS232 port (standard COM port)
  • Applications: Automotive/vehicular applications,embedded PC/104 systems, RTU systems and outstation applications, PC/104 machine control systems, vending machines, parking systems, remote datalogging and data acquisition, fleet management systems, and cold counter surveillance

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