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  • FPGA processing capability in PCI-104 form factor
  • Access to Nallatech's full range of DIME-II FPGA modules for FPGA processing, memory, and analog and digital I/O
  • Supporting Xilinx Virtex-4, Virtex-II Pro and Virtex-II FPGAs through the DIME-II module range
  • Includes embedded PCI interface for communicating with host SBC
  • Fully supported in Nallatech's DIMEtalk application development environment for creating FPGA computing applications
  • Delivered with a copy of Nallatech's FUSE Runtime Software
  • Supported operating systems ? Windows and Linux; VxWorks and others upon request
  • Ruggedized options available on request
  • Operating Temperature = 0 ?C to 50 ?C
  • Storage temperature = -20 ?C to 80 ?C

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