MFCC 8446

Creative Electronic Systems

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  • Intelligent interface in a PMC form factor (CCPMC compliant)
  • Contains all of the required elements for ultra high-speed acquisition and processing applications
  • PowerPC 750CXe at up to 600 MHz with 256 KB internal L2 cache at full CPU speed
  • User-programmable, front-end,acquisition, low-power Xilinx VirtexE 400 KGates FPGA
  • CES-designed direct FPGA-to-PowerPC cache memory coupling logic (10 x speed improvement)
  • Ultra high-speed staging buffer front-end SSRAM for continuous recording
  • 128 MB global SDRAM
  • 8 MB Flash EPROM
  • Up to six MFCCs supported by the same VME motherboard at full speed
  • Internal and external synchronization logic processing (1 ?s resolution)
  • Multiple thermal sensors

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