Enea Embedded Technology

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  • Application Development Framework (ADF) and High-Availability (HA) middleware
  • Suitable for distributed telecom, datacom, automotive, industrial control, and medical instrumentation applications
  • Provides communications services that make it easy to develop complex distributed applications spanning multiple processors and operating systems
  • Includes instrumentation, fault management, upgrade management, and shelf management services that make it easy to monitor, provision, service, upgrade, and fine-tune distributed networks
  • Flexible, scalable architecture and support for standard interfaces like AdvancedTCA and SA Forum also provides a future-proof solution that simplifies system integration, upgrades, and ports to new platforms
  • Optimized for distributed embedded systems, providing an end-to-end solution that encompasses Linux and RTOSs
  • Equipped to run on DSPs and network processors as well as 32-bit CPUs
  • Simplifies application development, enabling designers to use a common set of services with a single API to distribute and manage applications spread across multiple processors and operating systems

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