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The MCP2030 is a stand-alone, analog front end (AFE) for smart, low frequency (125 kHz typical) wireless authentication applications such as passive-keyless-entry, tire pressure measurement systems (TPMS) and data acquisition.


  • Three input pins for three axis reception
  • Adjustable high input detection sensitivity (3 mVpp typical)
  • Programmable antenna tuning capacitance (63 pF, 1 pF/step)
  • Three output selections (demodulated data, carrier clock, RSSI)
  • 8 internal configuration registers
  • Bidirectional transponder communication
  • Programmable output enable filter
  • Low standby current of 4 microAmps typical (with 3 channels enabled)
  • Low operating current of 13 microAmps (with 3 channels enabled)typical
  • SPI Interface with external devices
  • Industrial and extended temperature range (-40 degrees Celsius to 85 degrees Celsius)

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