W-E-B Telemetry

Arcom Control Systems, Inc.

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An integrated cellular modem (GPRS or iDEN), GPS receiver, and power supply platform


  • Rugged, modular platform for applications in telemetry and telematics
  • Standard hardware platform (wireless embedded baseboard) for OEM system solutions for asset monitoring applications
  • Supports both GSM/GPRS and iDEN wireless modems
  • Includes eight-channel Trimble GPS receiver and DC/DC automotive power supply, all on a single board with PC/104 expansion
  • Can be fitted with OEM cellular modems from three different manufacturers, Sony Ericsson, Motorola and the Trimble LassenSQ GPS receiver
  • Wide input DC/DC power supply is designed for use on fixed installations and automotive supplies up to 30V
  • Includes three user-controlled LEDs and a digital input accessed from an onboard parallel port

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