VI Engineering, Inc.

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VIE can help you design, validate and manufacture your products by providing test, measurement and automation solutions


  • If you develop systems internally, our VISTA Consultants can provide productivity tools and training to help streamline your operations
  • Area of Expertise: Acoustics, Analytical Chemistry, ATE/Automated Test Equipment, Calibration, Chromatography, Data Acquisition, Data Analysis, Data Display, Databases, Driver Software, Environmental Monitoring, Expert Systems, Fiber Optics, Image Processing, Industrial Automation, Instrument Control, Invehicle Testing, Manufacturing Execution Systems, Material Science, Motion Control/Robotics, Networking, Optics, PLCs, Power Supplies, Power Monitoring, Product Development, Remote Monitoring, RF/Microwave, Signal Conditioning, Signal Processing, Simulation, SPC, Test and Measurement, Vibration, and Training

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