Zeus PXA270 SBC

Arcom Control Systems, Inc.

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An ultra-low-power, EPIC-size single board computer based on the Intel 520 MHz PXA270 XScale RISC processor
Zeus PXA270 SBC


  • Is an implementation of the ARM-compliant, Intel XScale microarchitecture combined with a comprehensive set of integrated peripherals, including a flat-panel graphics controller, multiple high-speed serial ports, USB controller, interrupt controller, and real-time clock
  • Up to 128 MB of soldered SDRAM
  • 64 MB of flash
  • 256 KB of battery-backed SRAM
  • Display controller: TFT/STN/LVDS flat-panel support up to 800 x 600 in 24-bit color
  • Network: Dual 10/100BASE-TX Ethernet controller (Davicom DM9000A)
  • USB: Dual USB host ports ? v1.1 and USB v1.1 client port
  • Serial ports: seven serial ports ? three RS-232 (one RS-485), one RS-422/485 port for wireless modem, port for GPS and IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee
  • Expansion: PC/104, SDIO, and CF+ (CompactFlash)
  • I/O: Eight buffered digital inputs/eight buffered digital outputs (+5 V tolerant), CANbus, and I2C
  • PSU: Wide-input DC power supply (10-30 V)
  • Industry standard EPIC form factor with easy-to-use connectors

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