NCT ClearSpeech Mod

NCT Group, Inc.

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NCT has released an off-the-shelf hardware solution for engineers looking to remove noise and echo from communication systems
NCT ClearSpeech Mod


  • The ClearSpeech Module is a convenient and easy to use solution for customers wishing to integrate NCT's advanced noise reduction and echo cancellation technology into their own embedded applications
  • Suitable applications will include wireless systems, intercom systems, Voice over IP, and voice recording
  • The ClearSpeech Module is a fixed point dual channel platform based on the ADSP2186 DSP and AD1819 codec
  • Supplied with in-line connectors and mounting holes, the Module can be readily attached to the customer's platform
  • It can be used at a basic level, supplied only with a regulated 5 V power supply and line level audio inputs and outputs
  • However, engineers also have access to I/O that will trigger LEDs or can set various software parameters should a more dynamic and intelligent system be required.
  • The 3 EPROMS that engineers can choose from are: (1) Noise and Echo Cancellation for cellular and Internet telephony, conference phone, and intercom applications; (2) Referenced Noise Filter and Noise Cancellation for siren or alarm cancellation, surveillance, and voice control of audio systems (3) Noise Cancellation, a 5- stage band pass filter and an Intelligent Squelch Filter for radio communication systems

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