Mercury Systems

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A Linux programming and network environment for Mercury embedded computing solutions


  • Provides the full features of Linux with a rich set of application programming interfaces (APIs) for developing real-time multicomputer applications
  • Introduced as part of the Mercury MCOE (Multicomputer Operating Environment) Release 6.4.0, LNXexec enables customers to migrate to open systems environments such as Open Architecture Computing Environment (OACE) and X-Midas
  • Can be installed on top of the MCOE 6.4.0 software distribution, preserving existing Mercury investments and enabling any applications written to Mercury's multicomputer middleware APIs to migrate easily to Linux
  • Systems can be deployed with any combination of LNXexec or MCexec, Mercury's traditional POSIX-compatible operating system, on the system compute nodes
  • Dual kernel LNXexec/MCexec offering runs on a RACE++ Series configuration with a Motorola MVME5110 single board computer that provides VxWorks runtime capabilities
  • Both cross-development and native development supported

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