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  • IP68 sealed circular I/O interfaces for rugged/harsh environment applications
  • Meet IP68 specifications for dust and waterproof sealing in industrial or other rugged/harsh environment applications * The initial offering includes interfaces for Ethernet (SCRE/SCPE Series) and USB (SCRU/SCPU Series) applications
  • Systems in development include Power, Micro Pitch Signal, and RF connectors
  • Application Specific Designs are also welcomed for development
  • Both ends of the system are offered with standard cable plugs available up to 2 meters in length
  • They may be sealed on one or both ends
  • ? The USB system can be specified with either A Type or B Type plugs on either end
  • Panel interface receptacles are self-contained and are terminated to the board with either standard USB Ethernet cable jumpers
  • Samtec also offers Panel-to-Panel systems for high speed systems with its Data Rate
  • I/O product line
  • Data Rate I/O cable assemblies are typically constructed with shielded twisted pair or twinax cable

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