PowerStream 7000 FCN

Mercury Systems

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An FPGA Compute Node (FCN) that can incorporate up to 69 Xilinx 7 million-gate FPGAs connected by a RapidIO switch fabric
PowerStream 7000 FCN


  • Includes up to 46 10-Gigabit fiber connections directly to the FPGAs
  • 320 Gbps of I/O available in the base configuration
  • Base configuration uses PowerPC 7447A processors connected by a RapidIO switch fabric
  • Features three 7-million-gate Xilinx FPGAs, each with SRAM, DRAM, a dedicated RapidIO link, and high-speed copper links both to the front panel and to the other FPGAs
  • Two of the FPGAs have a 10-Gigabit fiber connection to the front panel, which can be used for 10-GbE
  • FPGA power is accessed through Mercury's FCN Development Kit (FDK), which provides the RapidIO interface, multi-ported memory interfaces, I/O interfaces, and an on-chip fabric to connect them all
  • Designed for signal and image processing in high-end intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance applications

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