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A second generation Voice over IP (VoIP) chip, designed for 802.11a/g wireless VoIP applications


  • The AT76C902 consists of an ARM946 processor for VoIP call control, authentication and signaling functions, and two subsystems - an ARM7and 802.11a/g Media Access Controller (MAC) that implements the 802.11a/g protocols, and a TEAK TeakDSPCore and integrated voice codec for voice processing function
  • Atmel's AT76C902 supports Wi-Fi Multimedia (WMM) and WMM Power Save modes
  • By supporting U-APSD and Scheduled APSD (S-APSD), solutions based on Atmel's AT76C902 have talk times of over six hours and stand-by times of over 220 hours on a 900 mA battery
  • This is achieved even when the access point it is connected to does not support WMM APSD

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