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  • Fully ZigBee ready and complies completely with IEEE 802.15.4 specifications
  • Ready for integration with any application code enabling short-range wireless com
  • MAC (Medium Access Control) - The IEEE 802.15.4 MAC contains the protocol stack that enables peer-to-peer secure communications and performs management of peer and network connectivity with other ZigBee devices
  • Airbee-ZMAC is the foundation for wireless networking utilizing either Star or Mesh network topologies
  • The MAC provides the interface between the Network Layer and the PHY layer
  • Essential features of the MAC sublayer are beacon management, channel access through slotted/ unslotted CSMA mechanism, guaranteed time slots (GTS) management, frame validation, association, disassociation, and a reliable data delivery scheme
  • Feature extensions to the Airbee-ZMAC over and above ZigBee provide enormous flexibility for the ZigBee application developer
  • Interpretation of some parts of standard specifications is left to the developer's choice
  • PHY (Physical Layer) - The PHY comprises the baseband circuitry and other hardware necessary to interface the baseband to the RF transceiver, the RF transceiver hardware, and a set of service APIs
  • RF transceiver - The IEEE 802.15.4 compliant RF transceiver provides the conversion between the baseband signals and radio frequency, providing half duplex or full duplex receive and transmit functions at the appropriate frequency band - ISM, 900 MHz, and 2.4 GHz

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