flexComm SDR-4000 TMRDP

Spectrum Signal Processing

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Off-the-shelf platform to develop and deploy their complex tactical MILCOM applications


  • Tactical Military Communications (MILCOM) Rapid Deployment Platform (TMRDP)
  • Platform equips quick response teams with an integrated platform designed for the rapid development and deployment of tactical MILCOM applications
  • The commercial-off-the-shelf SDR-4000 TMRDP provides full "RF to Ethernet" functionality of a software defined radio (SDR) with support for the Software Communications Architecture (SCA) in a single 19" rack
  • Integrates Spectrum's high performance SDR-4000 wireless modem, a DRT4001 RF front-end by Digital Receiver Technology, Inc. (DRT), a GPS receiver and all the software necessary for tactical MILCOM deployments
  • Customers can use this
  • Suitable for tactical MILCOM applications including ground vehicular, airborne and shipborne systems, tactical data links, beamforming, and Multiple Input/Multiple Output (MIMO) systems, as well as verification and validation
  • Spectrum quicComm hardware abstraction layer
  • A real-time operating system with an integrated development environment
  • A CORBA Object Request Broker (ORB)
  • An SCA Core Framework
  • An RF control application program interface (API) to manage all functionality of the RF subsystem
  • ?A comprehensive set of processor-to-processor data flows and a system data flow example with digital down-converter (DDC) and digital up-converter (DUC)
  • The system software example provides receive coverage from the RF input, through the signal processing chain and transmit coverage from signal processing to RF output
  • All data flow software examples include source code

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