Tsumani 6U CPCI Development Kit

GE Intelligent Platforms, Inc.

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FPGA processor solution targeted at high performance software defined radio applications


  • Dual Stratix EP1S80 FPGAs are tightly coupled to provide a power platform for signal processing
  • Two PMC module sites provide I/O connectivity to either front panel or back panel connections
  • A direct high bandwidth 1 GBps path from the PMC P4 connector directly to the FPGAs
  • Model 919 Dual DAC Mezzanine provides broadband analog signal generation in a compact form
  • The board features two independent DAC channels each with its own 12-bit LVDS input capable of running at rates up to 160 MHz
  • The channels feed an Analog Devices AD9775 14-bit dual interpolating DAC.Bundled solution with TS-6U CompactPCI FPGA processor and Red River A/D and D/A, SBC and chassis
  • Two highly connected Altera Stratix EP1S80 FPGAs
  • Dual channel A/D delivers either 14-bit (105 Msps) or 12-bit (210 Msps)
  • Dedicated 1 Gigabyte/sec connection between the PMC P4 and the FPGA

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