CSP Inc. (CSPI) MultiComputer Division

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A series of VXS systems that support multicore, FPGA, and 10 GbE interoperability while delivering a 5x performance increase in bisection bandwidth over the previous generation


  • Rugged, high-performance scalable embedded cluster with general purpose processors, reconfigurable FPGAs, and high-speed interconnect on VXS
  • VXS switch with Myri-10G Clustering Technology and 10 GbE compatibility
  • VXS payload with Freescale multicore PowerPC AltiVec
  • VXS payload with Xilinx FPGA and Aurora point-to-point serial interconnect
  • VxWorks and Linux operating systems supporting Symmetric Multiprocessing and Asymmetric Multiprocessing
  • Open Source Software and Standard APIs preserve code reuse and enable portability

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