Ensemble IOM-300 series

Mercury Systems

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The Ensemble IOM-300 series are the industry’s first open systems architecture-based XMC modules to feature two FPGA devices for streaming sFPDP, Ethernet and other wideband protocols. The primary Altera industrial-grade Stratix V FPGA is a highly customizable processing resource for low-latency signal processing supported by a second configuration FPGA that enables in-mission, real-time FPGA image refreshes for the Stratix V. Each of the module’s twelve channels may be programmed for data distribution, with or without user customization, via the primary FPGA device.
Ensemble IOM-300 series
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  • Twelve channel, front-panel access fiber I/O or eight channel copper I/O ports
  • Supporting sFPDP (VITA 17.1), 10Gb/s Ethernet, Fibre Channel and unrestricted PCIe Gen 3 data rates
  • Altera Stratix V FPGA with second FPGA programing and personalized security capability
  • Fast, rugged, scalable Open Systems Approach

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