Critical I/O

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An AdvancedMC Host Bus Adapter (HBA) that provides 4 Gbps Fibre Channel connectivity to AdvancedTCA systems


  • Complies with the AdvancedTCA Advanced Mezzanine Card standard (AMC.1 with PCI Express host interface)
  • Ideal for networking and storage applications
  • Two independent Fibre Channel interfaces that, when combined, achieve sustained data rates of 1500 MBps, 10 ?sec RDMA data transfers, and up to 300,000 SCSI I/O operations per second
  • Full hot swap capabilities
  • Supported by drivers for VxWorks, Linux, Windows, and other specialized operating systems
  • Suitable for next-generation computer systems in telecom, military, and enterprise computing applications
  • 100% software compatible with the Critical I/O's PMC and XMC Fibre Channel interfaces
  • Interface dissipates only 6 W but provides two independent 4 Gb Fibre Channel ports, four-lane PCI Express host interface, hot-swap capability, and extensive integrated hardware BIT
  • Supports VxWorks, Linux, and Windows
  • Compatible with X86 and PowerPC AdvancedTCA processor blades

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