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An advanced FPGA-based module for configurable digital I/O that offers in the XMC form factor many of the features and functions of the long-running Technboox P/Ns 2674 and 4289. The standard assembly employs an Altera Cyclone FPGA (5CGXFC4C6F27I7N) and features 32 general-purpose RS422/RS485 driven digital I/Os wired to the front panel and PN4 connector. The 32-bit data bus is shared by the FPGA and interfaced devices. SRAM (256K x 32b) is accessible from the FPGAS and PCIe interface. SRAM address is driven by FPGA outputs, allowing a variety of SRAM architectures.
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  • 32-Channel general purpose digital I/O -- RS422 and RS485
  • Front and rear I/O with flexible termination
  • Separate direction control for each RS485 channel
  • External SRAM
  • Serial EEPROM
  • Silicon delay lines
  • PCIe interface built in as hard core block
  • Sample FPGA and C code
  • Multiple options for loading configuration
  • Optional precision oscillator
  • Support for both VITA 42 and VITA 61 interfaces

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