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  • The 10th anniversary edition of the INTEGRITY RTOS
  • Features new security, performance, and usability features
  • Suitable for a wide range of industries including consumer, networking, medical, automotive, industrial, and avionics
  • Supports Symmetric MultiProcessing (SMP) wherein the operating system will automatically load balance applications across multiple cores on SMP-capable processors such as the Freescale Power Architecture-based 8641D
  • Supports Non Uniform Memory Architecture (NUMA) systems in which applications are intelligently allocated and distributed across multiple cores that have their own fast local memory
  • Includes a new debug agent that enables debugging of application programs with minimal real-time overhead and improved performance
  • Debug agent provides a significant performance boost for on-target event logging used by the MULTI EventAnalyzer
  • EventAnalyzer provides a graphical view of system behavior, including context switches, interrupts, system calls, and interprocess communication, and is used by developers for performance tuning and to find difficult bugs such as deadlocks and race conditions
  • Integrated with version 5 of the MULTI IDE and includes a new project manager
  • Features new kernel awareness debugging features that provide increased visibility into kernel object state during application development
  • Several new security features, including a memory resource lending capability for the secure and efficient distribution and revocation of resources, and a new ?pure virtual? device driver model that enhances INTEGRITY's unique driver architecture to further maximize system reliability while minimizing security and safety certification costs

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