3U CPCI Host Expansion Board (HEB)

One Stop Systems Inc.

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  • Expands the PCI Express bus from a PCIe slot to a CompactPCI system at 20 Gps
  • Provides complete software transparency between systems with optimal system performance
  • The MAX Express Host Expansion Board (HEB) is designed to unleash the full capability of a CompactPCI system
  • The HEB fits into the system slot of the CompactPCI chassis and connects through a high-speed PCIe x4 cable to an upstream host
  • This interface to the host is completed with another OSS innovation: the Host Interface Board (HIB), which fits into the host's PCIe x4 (or larger) slot
  • Working together, the three pieces of this expansion system allow the full control of a CPCI system through a host system

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