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The TREK-756 has a heating mechanism inside a tough, dustproof, waterproof, and fanless aluminum chassis, for dependable operation when moving between extreme environments at -30 C to +50 C (-22 F to +113 F)


  • It has bigger and brighter screens, and we're delighted to satisfy these desires while building on the successful rock-solid RoHS design of the TREK-755
  • Sometimes hot, sometimes cold, but always reliable
  • The TREK-756 is designed for tolerance of extreme environments and enhanced reliability
  • Flexible friend fits into any infrastructure
  • In addition to working normally in a wide range of temperature and lighting scenarios, TREK 756 can accept standard 24 VDC vehicle power inputs; 802.11a/b/g, GPS, GPRS, and GSM wireless modules; Linux, Windows XP, CE .NET 4.2, and XP Embedded operating systems; and VESA arms or RAM mount kits

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